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Concierge Services

Concierge medicine—also known as concierge care, boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, platinum practice and direct primary care—is a membership-based healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience. 

What We Offer

For a flat fee, patients can get same-day or next-day appointments, (virtual or in person at the doctor's discretion), access advanced tests and screening in house and spend the time it takes to discuss results and develop a personalized care plan with their doctor. In the event that a referral to a specialist is needed, the staff assists in coordinating that care.   


As your concierge physician, we understand that it’s important to be there when you need us, that’s why we offer extended visits with no waiting. We schedule generous appointment times to ensure that your questions are answered and concerns addressed. If you ever leave our office and forget to ask something, just give us a call.

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